Sculpture Exclos 206

guillaume roche

The Exclos series, born from the meeting of the concepts of explosion and hatching, builds a timeless and powerful universe, directly drawn from ...
  • Material : Stainless steel
  • Color : Stainless steel
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Sculpture Exclos 206

guillaume roche


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The Exclos series, born from the meeting of the concepts of explosion and hatching, builds a timeless and powerful universe, directly drawn from the raw material of steel. The artist designs volumes of stainless steel as "an expanding energy channeled by a gentle and protective force". Guillaume Roche looks for the contrast between raw, torn forms and minimalist, polished forms. His plastic research is based on the transformation of matter, motion, the infinitely large and the infinitely small.

  • Type personnalisé : all-porcelain bracelet with real freshwater pearls
  • Type : Pièce unique
  • Certificat d’authenticité : Yes
  • Convient en extérieur : Yes
  • Installation : À poser
  • Dimensions : 45 cm in diameter

Piece delivered with: a certificate of authenticity

Inox sculpture of 45 cm.

If energy and spurt are the key words of his works, his forms are purified, softened by the erosion of time. The calm after the storm ! A mineral spirit blows on his sculptures. The living forces of nature are its source of inspiration: the chaos of stone, the changing wind, the shades of the sea, the limpid or unchained sky. From his sculptures there emerges an elementary poetry, luminous gradations of white to black of stainless steel, evanescent colors. Guillaume Roche likes the "spirit" of stainless steel, its immense potential that allows all the boldness of dimension and gives free rein to inspiration. With this material he can play all ranges of clarity and depth. It reflects shades of light, produces contrasts. The effects of this metal are comparable to those of a glazing that takes the colors of its environment.

This sculpture is a unique piece, made by the artist at the workshop of Etrechy in Essonne. The coin is packed in a box suitable for national and international transport. Transportation provided by UPS.


Guillaume Roche est sculpteur et l'inox est sa terre de modelage. L'artiste pousse les limites du matériau et recherche les contrastes. Son action est un aller-retour constant entre corps et matière. Il développe les caractéristiques du matériau à travers ses propres limites physiques ; mais aussi intellectuelle, par la façon dont il explore toutes les propriétés techniques et mécaniques de ses peaux métalliques. Sa recherche se réalise dans un travail géométrique. Sphères, cubes, pyramides, spirales, fractales ou ruban de möbius toutes les formes sont des arguments pour l’artiste. Circulation, torsion, l’artiste fouille l’énergie créée par le mouvement. Son travail formel cherche à comprendre l'infinie tension de la boucle.