Collier long en plexiglas
  • Matière : Plexiglas
  • Couleur : bleu canard & vert d'eau
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Collier 2 couleurs

Agnès Moulinot

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Collier long en plexiglas

  • Type personnalisé : Les couleurs se superposent, fermoir baïonnette, cordon coton ciré
  • Type : Pièce en petite série
  • Certificat d’authenticité : Non
  • Réglable : Non
  • Longueur (cm) : 118
  • Genre : Femme
  • Type : Collier

Collier long en plexiglas


Agnès Moulinot loves the slow development of jewelry, lost wax casting, the work of the metal plate, and the artisanal production that she contributes to doing by regularly participating in contemporary jewelry exhibitions, public or professional shows. In her creations, she often expresses a theme close to plants, particularly inspired by the thousand and one forms that seeds take, a sign of fertility, rich in meaning and of an infinite plastic variety.