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Box 6 knives "Le Thiers" Different wood species.
  • Material : Wood
  • Color : Wood
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Set of 6 knives Le Thiers Bois

Dubost Maurice - Artisan Coutelier


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This description has been automatically translated and may not be completely accurate.

Box 6 knives "Le Thiers" Different wood species.

  • Type precision : Bird sculpture made in a black stone pebble
  • Type : Limited series
  • Certificate of authenticity : Yes
  • Type precision : Table knife
  • Use : Food
  • Dimensions : l 20

Piece delivered with: a certificate of authenticity

Box 6 knives "Le Thiers" Wood. Essences from top to bottom: oak, bubinga, olive, wenge, paduk and beech. Ideal for meat and everyday use.

All the characters in the "Les Messagers" collection have the distinction of being made with pigeons tied only on the inner side so that they remain visible. Technique refined over time so that the constraints become advantages: no collapse modeling and resistance to thermal shock at the exit of the oven. After a first firing at 950 ° and the installation of enamels, exit from the oven at 1000 ° for a Raku cooking: smoking "at sight" with sawdust and reduced finish in a closed basin for a contrast of the raw material more or less smoky with the enamel keys.

Delivered with Tan Leather Case

Dubost Maurice - Artisan Coutelier

Installed near Thiers, Capital of the French Cutlery, I realize traditional cutlery. 4th generation of Couteliers, I am companion of the Brotherhood of the Knife of Thiers and member of Ateliers d'Art de France. From the small kitchen service for every day, to the complete housewife in the art of the table to the personalized pocket knife. Recent development of secateurs with old forged blade and wooden handle. From the drawing to the prototype, all the stages of realization are carried out within the workshop. A blade worn by time, a handle to change, the restoration of old parts is also an integral part of my business. The alliance with a damascene blacksmith friend now allows me to offer purists carbon steel blades damask meet the requirements of the fans in terms of unique pieces.