50 €
Pièce tournée en porcelaine. Epaisse en partie basse.
  • Matière : Porcelaine
  • Couleur : Blanc
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Vase mini modèle 25

Camille Tréhout

50 €

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Pièce tournée en porcelaine. Epaisse en partie basse.

  • Type : Pièce unique
  • Certificat d’authenticité : Non
  • Dimensions : H9xD11cm
  • Convient en extérieur : Non
  • Type : Vase

Porcelaine cuite à haute température et inclusion de chamotte fine grise. Lavage main


Vibrations, shadows, contrasts, stretches of rocks, dust, water, snow or ice. Curves, duvets, stops, points, fragments, iridescence, depths, transparencies ... The poetics of the landscapes, their interpretation and the memory charge that they carry on pursue me. The human interpretation of a landscape, the floating of a reverie towards a Beyond through a symbolic world object carries my ceramics. The pieces oscillate in between: to exist as a single piece and to suggest an elsewhere by being an object in its own right, or to be at the service of a daily or temporary use. It is in this between-two that I conceive the forms. They inspire me simply without revealing their function and one day they make themselves useful ... I work porcelain, sandstone and earthenware for their raw colors and the surfaces they render after shaping and cooking. The enamel then completes the chromatic scale according to the projects.