50 €
Vase Embruns avec ligne ajouré sur le bord supérieur.
  • Matière : Porcelaine émaillée
  • Couleur : Vert céladon
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Vase Embruns

Atelier Vent d'Argile

50 €

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Vase Embruns avec ligne ajouré sur le bord supérieur.

  • Type : Pièce unique
  • Certificat d’authenticité : Non
  • Dimensions : 12cm de diamètre, H10.5cm
  • Convient en extérieur : Non
  • Type : Vase

Vase Embruns en porcelaine émaillée.


Earth, air, water and fire, four sensitive and sensual elements to accompany her work with matter in harmony with what it is, what it wants to share or the hands are the link between this material alive, sensitive and heart. From her cocoon workshop in the heart of her garden, Véronique works with sandstone and porcelain which will be according to her desires and the projects she wishes to carry out: turned, modeled, deformed, assembled, cut ... to create unique pieces or small series. Inspirations are diverse, nature holds a large place, a rock, a bark, a butterfly wing ... Forms and materials are intimately linked, voids, volumes, curves or edges meet and play with each other , with light, with the eye in search of balance, of vibrations. create to share, show, create emotions, touch the sensitive with small touches with delicacy.