Collection Bass Tasse Alpha Porcelaine Noire et Blanche
  • Matière : Porcelaine
  • Couleur : Noir et Blanc
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Tasse Lo-Fi Alpha

Barbara Schull

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Collection Bass Tasse Alpha Porcelaine Noire et Blanche

  • Type personnalisé : tasse à café
  • Type : Pièce en petite série
  • Certificat d’authenticité : Non
  • Usage : Alimentaire
  • Dimensions : H7cm x D6,5cm

Porcelaine Engobe noir vitrifié

Expédition via colissimo


Anchored in contemporary art, I am looking for a strong aesthetic where a monochrome harmony reigns. First self-taught, which left me a lot of freedom, I then joined the School of Fine Arts Vallauris which allowed me to acquire a different technique of work much more organized and this is the mix of the two that results. Each of my pieces is born of an impulse by which I let myself be guided, from there evolves an idea, a need that I concretize. It has come to me clearly the desire to work porcelain for all its symbolic incarnations, historical and its plastic qualities. I want to revisit this material according to my personal codes. My work is essentially based on the search for form, refined and sober while hugging traditionally, where there is a balance between elegance and originality. From this research stems my work reflecting perfectly this telescoping between trend and tradition.