600 €
Tabouret en chêne brûlé, pieds blanchis. Décor en clous tordus.
  • Matière : chêne
  • Couleur : noir, blanc, nuances de bois
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Tabouret Serpents à Clous

Sophie Carrasco-Grimard

600 €

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Tabouret en chêne brûlé, pieds blanchis. Décor en clous tordus.

  • Type : Pièce unique
  • Certificat d’authenticité : Non
  • Pièce modulable : Non
  • Dimensions : H 55 cm, diamètre 27 cm
  • Convient en extérieur : Non
  • Type de pièce prédéfini : Tabouret

Tabouret en chêne.

Le corps du tabouret est un morceau de chêne tourné brûlé, noirci. Les pieds sont en chêne tourné blanchi. Les clous tordus du décor sont des serpents animant ce tabouret.


After an initial activity as an interior designer, Sophie Carrasco-Grimard decided to devote herself to the creation of wooden creations. Wood is a living, raw material, and takes on multiple appearances depending on the species and the history of the tree from which it comes. She uses various pieces of wood salvaged from broken branches, dead trees of local and ethical origin, but also inlaid exotic salvaged wood, or fruit from trees such as banksia nuts. In the workshop, the wood is there, in all its beauty, with all its snags, its diseases, its cracks, and its stigmata due to various insects. Then it's up to the designer to transform it into a beautiful object. The addition of an exterior element like plexiglass, tin, acrylic, or other modern inserts acts like a jewel. The textures obtained by burning, sanding, sculpture, are all possibilities to give wood all the richness of its material.