Vase en porcelaine tournée au tour de potier.
Cuissons 900°C puis 1250°C.
  • Matière : Porcelaine émaillée avec une couverte brillante
  • Couleur : Blanc brillant et mat
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Petit vase boule

Atelier Ryokan

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Vase en porcelaine tournée au tour de potier.
Cuissons 900°C puis 1250°C.

  • Type : Pièce unique
  • Certificat d’authenticité : Oui
  • Dimensions : 11cm de diamètre, H8,5cm, 6,5cm de diamètre bas
  • Convient en extérieur : Non
  • Type : Vase

Produit livré avec : un certificat d'authenticité

Vase ou pot à crayons.


Clean shapes and sober colors with Japanese influences, made on a potter's wheel. Laurence turns stoneware and porcelain, fascinated by these 2 materials for their respective qualities: the raw appearance of stoneware, and the smoothness of more delicate porcelain. Laurence also takes care to prepare her own glazes and very often leaves a large part of the terracotta exposed. Always close to her sensei Madame Kayoko Hayasaki, it is natural that she creates ceramics inspired by Japan, in a tradition of respect for the useful object. She loves the wabi-sabi aesthetic concept, the acceptance of imperfection, which makes each creation all the more unique. This is why it sometimes happens to leave a splash of enamel during the application, or to see it delight in a deformation. Laurence signs her Atelier Ryokan * ceramics. (* Ryokan: traditional Japanese inn)