Sculpture Oiseau Martin-pêcheur

Marie-Hélène Vallade-Huet


Martin-pêcheur sur chêne.
  • Matière : Grès
  • Couleur : Camaïeu de bleu vert, touche d'orange vif
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Sculpture Oiseau Martin-pêcheur

Marie-Hélène Vallade-Huet

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Martin-pêcheur sur chêne.

  • Type : Pièce unique
  • Certificat d’authenticité : Oui
  • Convient en extérieur : Non
  • Installation : À poser
  • Dimensions : 35x35x13 cm

Produit livré avec : un certificat d'authenticité

Matin-pêcheur en grès avec décor d'oxydes ,monté sur chêne


Born in 1961 in Charente-Maritime. Lives and works in Oullins, Lyon metropolis At first passionate about watercolor landscapes, I later discovered the modeling of the earth which immediately called in me the need to give life to the characters I modeled, with themes that weave patiently. That of childhood is very present, shrouded in reverie with this immense need to express a presence in the world. The theme of birds came to me later to accompany the sculptures of children. In addition to the formal work, I rediscover the pleasure of the washes of oxides treated like watercolour. I model sandstone clay, I like to leave the grain of the clay visible, the traces of tools and of my hands like so many traces of life.