Cache pot, Collection Blanche

Karine Lémery


Cache pot à poser.
  • Matière : Faïence émaillée satinée
  • Couleur : Blanc
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Cache pot, Collection Blanche

Karine Lémery

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Cache pot à poser.

  • Type : Pièce en petite série
  • Certificat d’authenticité : Non
  • Type personnalisé : Cache pot à poser
  • Type : Pots
  • Convient en extérieur : Non
  • Dimensions : H13,5 x L15 x P12

Faïence émaillée satinée.

Procédé de transfert photo.


I practice a work of shaping and modeling through which I develop a playful and poetic bestiary borrowed from humor, I produce both utilitarian pieces that sculpture. My raw material is essentially faience, the color is an important element for each of my pieces, I use engobes and sometimes a photo transfer process. By my research and my production, I seek to go beyond the function of the object, to embody it; I want to create objects that accompany us on a daily basis, companionship objects, playful and singular that can be useful and enjoyable.