120 €
Sculpture brûle parfum méditation.
Cuisson 1300°C et 3ème cuisson a l'or.
  • Matière : grès émaillé
  • Couleur : émail bleu et cuisson or
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Brûle- parfum

Christine Ceccato

120 €

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Sculpture brûle parfum méditation.
Cuisson 1300°C et 3ème cuisson a l'or.

  • Type : Pièce unique
  • Certificat d’authenticité : Oui
  • Convient en extérieur : Oui
  • Installation : À poser
  • Dimensions : HT 22cm L:20cm l:20cm

Produit livré avec : un certificat d'authenticité

Sculpture en méditation brûle-parfum huile essentielles avec une bougie.

Inspiration personnelle


Born in 1959, Christine CECCATO discovered the ceramics at the School of Decorative Arts in Limoges. In 2 years she obtained her fire arts diploma with the congratulations of the jury. She returns to settle in her native Lorraine. She works sandstone and porcelain in monumental or smaller sculptures as well as everyday objects revisited. Her creative approach is inspired by the sense of the sacred where inner and outer beauty reflect each other in a dance of life. His sculptures or everyday objects emanate a serene energy, an enthusiasm for life that translate into a sobriety or joyful exuberance. The technique is at the service of beauty with shimmering enamels or with contrasts of rough or delicate earth. His workshop is located in Meuse in a small village crossed by a small stream, at the foot of a forest. Nature welcomes and inspires him.