Broche grand soleil AMORGOS

Sibylle Flouret

55 €
Broche grand soleil de la collection AMORGOS.

  • Matière : Liton doré à l’or fin 1 micron
  • Couleur : Or jaune
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Broche grand soleil AMORGOS

Sibylle Flouret

55 €

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Broche grand soleil de la collection AMORGOS.

  • Type : Pièce en petite série
  • Certificat d’authenticité : Oui
  • Accroche : Badges
  • Dimension : L 7 x H 4 cm
  • Matériaux d'appret : 24ct gold plated brass

Produit livré avec : un certificat d'authenticité

Broche de la collection AMORGOS. Broche grand soleil en laiton doré à l'or fin 1 micron, finition brossée. Fabriqué à Marseille avec ♥

Livré dans dans une boîte à bijou cartonnée.


In her workshop at Panier in Marseille, Sibylle Flouret creates unique pieces or small series in silver or brass gilded with fine gold. His past and dream travels inspire his creations, which take us to the shores of the Mediterranean, in the tropical forests of Brazil or in the mountains of northwestern India. The designer plays on contrasts and textures, tests and experiments with different materials. It is inspired by the beauty of nature's forms that it reinterprets and reinvents. All his pieces are made entirely in his studio. She cuts, saws, pierces, soda. The metals are drawn into wires, rolled into plates, forged. The wax is sometimes used. Sculpted, modeled, melted in places, it gives birth to more organic and irregular shapes that are then transformed into metal. The seeds and flowers she picks up and collects are melted in brass or silver and become eternal.