Très jolies boucles d'oreilles, légères, confortables et romantiques.
  • Matière : Argent doré et polymère végétale
  • Couleur : noir et or
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Boucles Camélia

Aurélie Lejeune

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Très jolies boucles d'oreilles, légères, confortables et romantiques.

  • Type : Pièce en petite série
  • Certificat d’authenticité : Oui
  • Attache clip : Non
  • Dimension : H 2cm L 1cm
  • Genre : Femme
  • Matériaux d'appret : argent

Produit livré avec : un certificat d'authenticité

Dormeuses en argent doré et camélia en polymère végétale noire.


Keeping a primary taste for sculpture, Aurélie Lejeune works her jewelry as such with several techniques and materials. Fixing its shapes by drawing, she constructs the jewel with subtractive techniques from a block of wax which is used to produce a mold or by additive method by welding the metal in particular. Composed with noble materials (gold, silver), it also works by modeling an innovative range from a natural resin which offers resistance and a softness of appearance specific to ceramics. It is through these know-how and various materials that Aurélie Lejeune has forged a universe imbued with textures and vegetal or organic forms, which give her jewelry a sometimes precious and delicate look, sometimes more fancy and colorful, but certainly contemporary.