Sculpture Shark Blue Skin


This description has been automatically translated and may not be completely accurate.
Shark sculpture: length 0.92 mx width 0.25 m approximately, height 0.30m. The sculpture is made of metal sheets of 1 mm thickness embro ...
  • Material : Natural zinc
  • Color : Patinated zinc gray
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Sculpture Shark Blue Skin



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This description has been automatically translated and may not be completely accurate.

Shark sculpture: length 0.92 mx width 0.25 m approximately, height 0.30m, the sculpture is made of sheet metal 1 mm thick stamped by hand, which makes each piece unique. I use traditional forming techniques. The pieces are assembled together by tin solders. Zinc is a fully recyclable metal, is a natural material made from the zinc trace element. It has a natural surface on which a patina forms. After the use phase, zinc is 100% recyclable. In addition, its production requires relatively little energy (melting temperature: 419 ° C). It is a non-toxic metal, it is present in the body. Patinas: natural oxides, wax.

  • Type precision : stamped shark shark sculpture
  • Type : Unique piece
  • Certificate of authenticity : Yes
  • Suitable for outside use : Yes
  • Installation : To hang
  • Dimensions : W92cm x W25cm x H30 cm

Piece delivered with: a certificate of authenticity

These works are delivered on a stable support 1 cm thick, solid zinc poured on sand, random shape, to ask. This artwork can be at a wall with a support adapted to be put in situation according to your wishes.

The realization of these sculptures with clean forms, allows me to push even further the limits of the work of sheet metal, and to express my creativity and my passion for marine creatures using the traditional techniques of forming sheet metal. Each piece constituting the work, is stamped by hand, hammer, mallet, on a "salt shaker", or wooden block in which is formed a hollow shape, then assembled by welding with tin. The precision of the assembly, of + or - a few tenths of a millimeter, makes the welding almost invisible. Each piece, made manually, so without "matrices" is unique, and I tried for each of them, to give life to the sheet of metal through a movement, in order to restore at best the natural look of these wonderful living sculptures that populate the oceans.

Supplied with stand, or on request with wall bracket.


Né en 1959, j'ai toujours cherché à exprimer ma vocation à exercer un métier à la fois manuel et artistique, du moins créatif, J'ai trouvé un aboutissement dans le travail des feuilles de zinc, cuivre, utilisées dans l' Ornementation en feuilles de métal, décors architecturaux, pour le patrimoine bâti, et j’exerce le métier d’Ornemaniste depuis environ 30 ans.C’est par cette exigence, ma capacité à reproduire fidèlement tel ou tel ornement à la demande des Clients et des Maîtres d’Œuvre, que je suis venu à réaliser dans sculptures inspirées par mon amour de la nature, fleurs, oiseaux, animaux marins... Ces techniques ancestrales d'emboutissage manuel me permettent d'interpréter ma vision de telle ou telle créature, en pièces uniques, sans moules, au marteau, sur "salière", (billot de bois en creux), et je tâche de donner vie à la matière, suggérant un imperceptible mouvement, la texture d'un végétal....