Bookmark cut by hand, in a brass sheet of 0.8mm thick. Acid-etched, are pattern is in over or under ...
  • Material : Brass
  • Color : Copper
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Bookmark Porto



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Bookmark cut by hand, in a brass sheet of 0.8mm thick. Engraved with acid, are pattern is in over or under thickness. It was then weathered, to obtain a beautiful contrast of colors. It is protected from oxidation by a colorless varnish.

  • Type personnalisé : children over 3 years old
  • Type : Pièce unique
  • Certificat d’authenticité : Yes
  • Dimensions : L14cm x 1.5cm

Piece delivered with: a certificate of authenticity

Bookmark brass, which holds very well in a paperback book, thanks to its low weight .. and the static electricity that is created!

Born in 1988 and graduated from Ecole Boulle, Florence ADAM has always drawn inspiration from the Arts Nouveau and Japonisme, with a predilection for the plant world. It is the work around the light and its impact on the reworked metal surface that interests it. She dose the bright (shiny) parts so that everything is harmonious and, above all, gives off a feeling of life. It is very important for her that the eye does not remain static in front of her works, so that they give the impression that the subject, always vegetal, is in full evolution, in full growth ... In short, a little questioning, dreams and escape! His goal is to see nature differently, thanks to an original point of view combined with a particular luminosity and its influences.

Delivered in colissimo recommended by the Post, in France and in the world. Packaged in its gift box. No maintenance: it is varnished with a clear varnish.


Née en 1988 et diplômée de l'Ecole Boulle, Florence ADAM a toujours puisé ses inspirations dans les Arts Nouveau et le Japonisme, avec une prédilection pour le monde végétal. C’est le travail autour de la lumière et de son incidence sur la surface métallique retravaillée qui l’intéresse. Elle dose les parties lumineuses (brillantes) pour que le tout soit harmonieux et, surtout, dégage un sentiment de vie. Il est très important pour elle que l’œil ne reste pas statique devant ses œuvres, pour que celles-ci donnent l’impression que le sujet, toujours végétal, soit en pleine évolution, en pleine croissance… Bref, un peu de questionnement, de songes et d’évasion ! Son objectif est de voir la nature autrement, grâce à un point de vue original combiné à une luminosité particulière et ses influences.