This description has been automatically translated and may not be completely accurate.
Lighting cultivated in France. Beautiful, unique, lasting. The Loupiote is a portable lamp designed to animate your interior in a creative and ...
  • Material : Calabash
  • Color : celadon gray, blue, navy, cream, beige
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Loupiote Bamako

sarah morin


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This description has been automatically translated and may not be completely accurate.

Lighting cultivated in France. Beautiful, unique, lasting. La Loupiote is a portable lamp designed to liven up your interior in a creative and poetic way, while perpetuating the fundamental link that unites us with nature. Like the fruit that composes it, each of my lamps is unique. I produce works where the concept of unique piece is the essence of my work. La Loupiote is inspired by our ancestral customs, draws from our sacred origins and reinvents the close relationship that links man to his history and his environment.

  • Type : Unique piece
  • Certificate of authenticity : Yes
  • Lamp bulb supplied : No
  • Number of lights : 1
  • Dimensions : 20 cm de diamètre, H 30 cm
  • Suitable for outside use : No

Piece delivered with: a certificate of authenticity

Plant lamp made from calabash gourds cultivated in France. Some fruits come from my production in Picardy, and others are provided to me by a peasant who perpetuates their culture. The pearls are in painted wood. The Bamako range is covered with cotton cord made in Toulouse by the Mansas shoe repair shop. Each decor is unique. The Loupiotes are equipped with an electric wire sheathed fabric made in Italy with a length of 3 meters to facilitate their movement and their hanging. The paint used is a casein, lead-free and non-aggressive, ultra-pigmented formula for high resistance to light and time. The dimensions of a Loupiotes vary between 15cm and 19 cm in diameter, and 30 cm to 40 cm in height (pearls included). La Loupiote can be installed above a bed or a desk, reading style. But it will also perfectly enliven a child's room, a slightly dark corner of the living room or your balcony for summer aperitifs.

It all starts with the fruit. Follow the form, discover the material, the roughness of the bark, its accidents and its victories ... It was from this conversation that my artistic approach was born, the choice of technique and decor. I harvest, I cut, I hollow out, I sand, I drill, I paint, I illustrate ... I celebrate the color, I play with contrasts, I decorate the shape, I sprinkle it with gold, I lights up in dotted lines and the calabash becomes light. My creations are singular and poetic works, designed to reveal the fundamental link that unites us with nature. They encourage dialogue and emotion. Inspired by our ancestral customs, drawing on our sacred origins, observing the world around us, its breath, its vitality and its anger, I aspire to reinvent the close relationship which links man to his history and to its environment. My manufacturing processes are artisanal, ethical and united. Each piece is unique and customizable.

Chaque Loupiote est livrée avec son certificat d'authenticité dans un emballage écologique, naturel et recyclable. L'entretient de la Loupiote s'effectue au chiffon ou à l'éponge humide. Pour les finitions ultra mates réalisez le nettoyage sur l'ensemble de la surface pour assurer l’homogénéité de la texture. La Loupiote est une lampe végétale : elle préfère les ampoules LED non chauffantes.


Mon atelier est installé dans un tout petit village, au milieu de tout et de rien, entre les moutons et l'étang, juste à l'orée du bois... Une partie de mon temps est consacré à la culture des calebasses : préparer la terre, soigner les plants, choyer les fruits, orchestrer la récolte et la mise au séchage des calebasses. Puis vient le temps de la création... Un dialogue s'installe avec chaque fruit : suivre sa forme, découvrir sa texture, les aspérités de l'écorce, ses accidents et ses victoires... C'est de cette conversation que naît le choix de la technique et du décors. Je coupe, je sèche, j'évide, je ponce, je perce, je peint, j'illustre, au grès de l'inspiration et de mes envies. Mon travail célèbre la couleur, mate de préférence, ultra pigmentée. J'aime utiliser la feuille d'or, jouer avec les contrastes, éclairer en pointillés : le fruit devient lumière, une œuvre singulière, délicate et poétique, conçue pour ensoleiller la vie et tous les intérieurs.