EMPREINTES, the fine crafts concept-store, is a great marketplace presenting over 6,000 sensitive objects made in unique pieces or limited edition by creators in their fine craft workshops, all based in France.

EMPREINTES makes singular and authentic objects available for clients to purchase directly, without any intermediary. Tableware, decoration, sculptures, lifestyle, jewels, fashion accessories, furniture, lamps, cabinet of curiosities and exceptional pieces: so many ways to embellish your daily life with a touch of emotion, to give it more soul and sense, to bring textures and feelings back center stage.

EMPREINTES is a concept-store located 5, rue de Picardie in Paris’ 3rd arrondissement, between the Marché des Enfants Rouge and the Carreau du Temple. The fine crafts concept-store spreads over 600m² in a sunbathed four-story building staged by Elizabeth Leriche. More than a store, EMPREINTES is also a reference bookstore dedicated to fine crafts. The Collection gallery is located on the 2nd floor. It supports established craftsmen and young talents.

One year after the concept-store’s opening, EMPREINTES is going digital and launches in 2017 its marketplace selling singular pieces made in craftworker’s workshops based in France.

EMPREINTES is an Ateliers d’Art de France project, the professional fine craft federation.

What is Ateliers d'Art de France?

The professional fine craft federation, Ateliers d’Art de France, gathers over 6,000 craftworkers, material artists and art manufactures.

Its missions: defending and representing the fine craft sector, contributing to the economic development and influence of the craftworkers in France and abroad. Ateliers d’Art de France carries out important actions to implement the structure and influence of the fine crafts sector.


In 2014, Ateliers d’Art de France notably initiated the official recognition of fine crafts* as a fully fledge economic sector in the “Artisanat, Commerce et TPE” law and of the artistic nature of their activity.

  • Co-owner of the MAISON&OBJET** fair, Ateliers d’Art de France owns two international fairs: the International Cultural Heritage fair and Revelations, the International Fine Craft & Creation Biennial taking place at the Grand Palais.
  • Ateliers d’Art de France has also initiated the creation of EMPREINTES in 2016, the greatest fine craft concept-store in Europe, located in the Marais area in Paris. A year later, it is assisting fine craft professionals in their introduction to the digital market by creating their eponymous Marketplace.
  • Ateliers d’Art de France contributes to revealing the reality and vitality of fine craft professions through events such as the International Film Festival for Fine Crafts and through the publication of magazines and books by Éditions Ateliers d’Art de France. 


(*Voting of the article 22 of the ACTPE law that modifies the article 20 of Law n°96-603 of 5 July 1996)
(** The MAISON&OBJETS fair is organized by SAFI, a subsidiary of Ateliers d’Art de France and of Reed Expositions France.)

What is a marketplace?

A marketplace (or online e-commerce marketplace) is an e-commerce platform gathering several various independent sellers (fine craft professionals settled in France) and allowing them to present their objects (made by the craftworkers in their workshops) for buyers everywhere in the world.

Sellers make their official page themselves as well as their products catalogues for the marketplace and take care of selling and shipping and their creations throughout the world. The prices of the creations and the amount of shipping costs are set by the craftsmen.

EMPREINTES is a marketplace that lives with the rhythm of fine craft creations and where creators can express freely and without any intermediary all the faces of their know-how and art to transform materials: ceramics, wood, leather, paper, vegtable or animal, metal

EMPREINTES provides a trustworthy, transparent and secure structure. The marketplace receives its remuneration through a commission charged on sales and through a subscription system.

What are fine craft professions?

The fine craft sector gathers almost 38,000 companies in France. They work in the fields of creation as well as reconstruction, repair and restoration of the heritage. From the idea to the final work, craftworkers design and make unique pieces or limited series in their workshops located in France.

Since the article 22 of law n°2014-626 concerning crafts, commerce and very small businesses (Artisanat, Commerce et Très Petites Entreprises, ACTPE) dated 18 June 2014, fine crafts are recognized as a fully-fledged economic sector and their artistic value is validated, while it had not been in any official definition until then. This article replaces the article 20 of the 5 July 1996 law and gives a legal definition of the “fine crafts professions”.

According to this article: “falls within the jurisdiction of fine crafts professions […] the individuals or social leaders of legal entities who carry out, mainly or secondarily, the activity of producing, creating, transforming or reconstructing, repairing or restoring the heritage, characterized by their expertise in techniques to work on materials with an artistic input. A specific fine craft professions section was created within the ‘répertoire des métiers’ (list of professions).”


The decree dated 24 December resulting from this legislative evolution allows the formalization of a list of 281 fine craft professions. The carrying out of fine craft activities is characterized by four cumulative criteria:

  • Expertise in the gestures, techniques and complex know-how to transform materials
  • The pieces are marked with the creator’s print and that of the workshop in came from
  • The objects are all made in unique pieces or limited series
  • The pieces are naturally sustainable
Where do the creations sold on EMPREINTES come from?

All the creations on the EMPREINTES website are unique pieces or small series that were designed and made by craftworkers in their workshops in France.


How can I sign up? / How to create a customer's account?

You can create your account simply by clicking this link.


How can I sign up to the EMPREINTES newsletter?

You can sign up to subscribe to the EMPREINTES newsletter and receive all our news by completing this form.

You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the “Unsubscribe from the list” link at the bottom of each email. You can also send us a request through the following contact form.


Are my personal information secured on your website?

The information collected is used in compliance with the general data protection regulations.


How can I change my password?

Simply click here to reset your password. You will receive an email with a link. If you don't receive the email, you can contact our customer service via the contact form.



May I receive a VAT invoice?

To receive an invoice, simply check the “I wish to receive a detailed invoice with my delivery” box upon confirmation of your shopping cart. You can also request it from our customer service via the contact form.


The product I wished to order is no longer available

If the creation appears unavailable on the website, it means that the piece is sold out. For unique pieces or small series, the creator may not necessarily make any more. However, you can ask our customer service
You can always add this creation to your wishlist to create your list of favorite trends and creations. You can then find these creations at any time by logging into your account and going to the “My favorites” section.
Our team is available to make the link between the creator and yourself. You can write to us using the contact form to ask the questions you wish to ask one or several creators.


How can I make sure the product I want to order is available?

The seller has 72h to confirm the order. You will then receive a confirmation email.
Beyond this deadline, the order will be automatically cancelled and you will not be debited.


Can I change/cancel my order?

Since we are doing everything to guarantee your delivery within the agreed period, once the order is made on our website, you may only cancel the order if the shipping has not yet been completed by the creator from their workshop.



Is online payment secure?

Online payment on EMPREINTES is secured by the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol allowing the encrypting or your bank details upon transmission to the server. In other words, your bank details are coded so as to make them completely unreadable. The transaction goes through our secure and reputable partner HIPAY.
We confirm that EMPREINTES has no access to your confidential data.
EMPREINTES also offers 3D-secure payment. A new window pops up on all commercial websites that have decided to secure their payments using the 3D-secure system.  This window allows your bank to authenticate your identity and avoid your card to be used fraudulently. This regulation complies with the new European standards put in place (DSP2).


Which payment options are available?

For all your orders on the EMPREINTES website, you can use the following means of payment: Visa, MasterCard and Amex. Full payment is due at the time of order. You will choose your means of payment at the 5th and last step of your shopping cart validation process.
The billing address and shipping address may be different.


When will I be charged for my shopping on EMPREINTES?

Your account will only be debited once the order is validated and confirmed by the creator. You will then receive an email notification upon confirmation of the banking transaction.
When you place your order, only one bank card imprint is taken. This information does not go through any third party, not even EMPREINTES, and is not recorded by our technical provider.


My payment was denied. Why?

Your card issuer may have denied payment. If you cannot confirm your order on EMPREINTES, it may be because your mobile phone number is not updated with your bank. You may also have entered the wrong code or ID number that was requested. Try again and make sure that you correctly enter the number of the card, the expiration date and the security code (three numbers on the back of your card) as well as the billing name and address that must be identical to those of your bank statement. If you have followed all the above steps, try using another means of payment. You can also contact EMPREINTES customer service via the contact form.

Order delivery

Where do you deliver?

EMPREINTES is for buyers from the entire world. However, shipping conditions remain at each creator’s discretion. Some delivery areas may not yet activated by the creators and this prevents you from finalizing the order. In this case, you can contact our customer service.


I want a delivery outside the EU, will I pay custom fees?

For shipments outside of the European Union, the taxes and customs’ duties and costs are borne by the recipient. (The amount is calculated upon custom clearance).
In that case, the invoice is included in the package.
The EMPREINTES website does not apply any tax reduction.


What are the delivery deadlines?

The deadline, shipping cost and method are specified on each product sheet (Standard, Express).
The delivery time is expressed in working days. They may, of course, be different from one creator to another.
There are 2 types of availability for the creations:
In stock: some objects, unique pieces or small series are available in stock in our craftworkers’ workshops and the delivery can be carried out quickly, within 72h as of the creator’s shipping confirmation.
Upon request: the creation is made upon request (it can be customized according to criteria previously defined with the creator). The delivery time is specified by the creator.


How can I follow my order?

You can follow your order’s status at any time logging into your account and going to the “Dashboard” or “My purchases” section. The tracking number will be given to you as soon as the shipment is completed by the creator.


Who is in charge of packing and shipping?

Creators are in charge of packing and shipping their creations.
Creators who offer their creations on the website are fine craft professionals. EMPREINTES helps them in the commercialization of their products and oversees the smooth running of your purchase, from browsing to home delivery.
EMPREINTES cannot be held responsible for damages made during transportation of the items.


Who pays the delivery fees?

Delivery fees are borne by the buyer. Delivery fees may vary from one creation to another and are cumulative if the order includes creations from several different creators.


If I buy creations from several different sellers, how does the delivery work?

Since each creator is in charge of their own creations, if you purchase from several different creators, you will receive as many packages as the number of creators you have ordered from, potentially at different times. You will receive a tracking number for each package after shipment.


What should I do when I get the package?

You are required to stay with the delivery person upon receipt of your package and to check the content while the delivery person is still there so as to refuse any package that would have been delivered damaged or broken.
Do not sign the delivery note if the package is damaged. No claim will be accepted by the carrier if the delivery note is signed.
EMPREINTES cannot be held responsible for damages made during transportation of the items.
In that case, please contact our customer service that will explain how to return your package.


What should I do if the package is damaged or if it is not what I ordered?

We would like to remind you that ours are unique pieces or limited series, and as such, no creation can be identical to another. Small differences may be observed on a series. It is the creator’s mark and proves that each creation sold on our website was handmade.
If you notice that the package is damaged upon delivery:

1 - Unwrap your package while the delivry person is still present. If you notice that creations have been damaged during transportation, express your reservations to the delivery person and do not sign the delivery note. No claim will be accepted by the carrier if the delivery note is signed.

2 - Take photographs of the entire package and of the detailed damages (tears, holes, breaking, crushing…) and imperatively take a photograph of the label with the tracking numbers.

3 - Send a message to our customer service (serviceclients@empreintes-paris.com) where you explain your issue without forgetting to specify the order number and enclose the photographs made during unwrapping. We will get in touch with you to define the replacement or refund procedures for damaged creations.


If the creation is not in compliance with what you have ordered (creation very different, missing pieces), we advise you to contact our customer service and proceed to return the creation(s).


This request must be carried out within 72 hours following the reception of your package in order to be addressed by our customer service. After this deadline, the customer service reserves the right to reject your request.


What can I do if I don't like the product I have received?

Returns are accepted on the EMPREINTES marketplace. If you are not completely satisfied with a product, you have 14 days after the reception of your package to send it back. The shipping costs are the responsibility of the client.

After this deadline, no return will be accepted.

Please send us an email at this address: serviceclients@empreintes-paris.com (or through the contact form) to specify the product you wish to return.

We will get back to you as soon as possible and give you the creator’s address. Return costs will be at your expense. The product must be sent back in its original package and in perfect condition. Once the creator receives the package, we commit ourselves to refund you as soon as possible.

For customized creations, no return will be accepted.


Who pays for the return fees?

The return costs and risks inherent to transportation are born by the buyer. We advise that you insure yourself to prevent possible complications during the return of the creation.


I have not been refunded yet. What can I do?

We proceed to refund you for the creations you have sent back upon their reception by the creator and checking of your return package. You will receive a confirmation email.

If you have already received a confirmation email, then you should be refunded shortly. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service through the contact form.


The marketplace

For questions regarding an order you have place on the EMPREINTES website, you may contact our customer service via email (serviceclients@empreintes-paris.com) or by phone +33 (0)
Please have your confirmation email or the order number that appears on the delivery note with you when you call.


The concept-store

For questions regarding a purchase you have made at the concept-store or for any information about the concept-store or the Collection gallery, you can send us an email: contact@empreintes-paris.com or call us +33 (0)


How can I sell my own creations?

If you wish to sell your creations on the EMPREINTES website, you must work in one of the following 281 fine craft professions specified in the official list (INMA) and meet the following criteria:

  • Owning a workshop in France and making your creations in this same workshop
  • Be an expert in a technique and know-how registered at the Registre des Métiers d’Art (Fine craft professions register)
  • Transform materials to give birth to a sensitive handmade creation in unique piece or in small series
  • Not to resort to subcontractors

In order to sell your creations on the EMPREINTES marketplace, you must first register as a seller by signing up to a monthly subscription for a year. You simply have to click the CREATOR’S PAGE section on the top left corner of the homepage and fill in the application.


If you would like more information about the subscriptions’ conditions, EMPREINTES’ commitments and how the fine craft profession’s marketplace works, please contact us at this address: vendeur@empreintes-paris.com



How can I take pictures that best highlight my creations?

We have created this tutorial to help you take pictures of your creations.
We inform you that the first picture of your creation will be clipped free of charge before the uploading of your creations and they will all be staged on a plain grey background by our digital team.


If I sell on the EMPREINTES online marketplace, can I also sell in the concept-store?

Only fine craft professionals who are members of the Ateliers d’Art de France federation can present their creations at the concept-store. The EMPREINTES website is open to members and non-members under the same conditions (see "Our commitments").


How do I estimate the price of my creations?

We would like to remind you that the selling price of your creations must be the same on the EMPREINTES website as in all outlets (Art galleries, stores, other websites). Sanctions may apply if you do not comply.


Who is in charge of packing and shipping?

Packing and shipping are at the expense of the creator.

You can consult our recommendations to properly pack your creations and ensure the best possible delivery and avoid any breaking or damage.

We remind you that when the creation is in stock, you must ship it within 72h after the order is confirmed.
For the delivery, you may select the delivery options of your choosing.

EMPREINTES cannot be held responsible for damages made during transportation of the items.


How long do I have to confirm the order?

You have 72h to confirm the availability of the creation selected by the buyer and confirm the order. After this deadline, the order will be automatically cancelled.


How does the online payment work?

Online payment is entirely secured by the SSL protocol. The transaction is made through our partner HIPAY.

The EMPREINTES website is a trusted intermediary between the client and the creator. When a user buys a creation, their payment goes through our partner HIPAY and is stored on an escrow account.

The buyer, like with any e-shop, has a period of 14 days to exercise their right of withdrawal.
The amount due will only be transferred to the seller’s virtual wallet after this deadline. EMPREINTES guarantees sellers against all risks of non-payment.
Count on one month between the order and the actual payment on your bank account.


For my accounting records, which price should I take into account?

The buyer pays the total price including all taxes via the EMPREINTES website.

EMPREINTES will transfer this total price for the purchased creation(s), deducting its commission as defined in the Terms and conditions of use. Delivery fees and EMPREINTES’ commission will appear in your bookkeeping as expenses.


If the client wants to return their product, how does it work?

Clients may not be satisfied of the creation they have ordered. Here the various scenarios we have encountered:

1) The client has changed their mind, the creation he has received is not satisfactory
2) The client has received a wrong or damaged piece

The return of the piece is at the client’s expense unless the creation arrived broken or the creation sent was not compliant. The creation must be returned in its original package and in perfect condition. EMPREINTES cannot be held responsible for this return process and all associated risks.

A return request will be formed by the client and the information regarding the return of the order will be communicated to you via email.

Upon receiving the client’s return package, please confirm that you have received it. This confirmation is mandatory to conclude the return process.


A buyer retracted and sent me back his order. But I have received it damaged. What should I do?

First and foremost, if the package arrives damaged, you must let the delivery person or transporter know upon delivery. Make out a report together on site and sign a request paper. Under no condition should you wait for the delivery person to leave, otherwise the damages made during transportation will not be compensated by the transporter.

Then, explain the state of the creation and its package, if possible with pictures, as soon as you receive it and send this information to EMPREINTES via the following contact form.

EMPREINTES’ after-sale service will get in touch with the buyer or transporter, depending on the situation, to make sure that the compensation process is initiated.

EMPREINTES cannot be held responsible for the shipments and returns of the creations and associated risks.