Large felt felt bag imagined and fashioned in our workshop of Morbihan. This soft and warm material qu'Héloise tames, lim ...
  • Material : Handmade wool felt. Sheep "moors of Brittany"
  • Color : Natural color of sheep, light gray
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Felt and wool cabas

Heloise Levieux


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This piece exists in different versions

Large felt felt bag imagined and fashioned in our workshop of Morbihan. This soft and warm material that Heloise tames, naturally limits the proliferation of mites, and becomes enveloping, comforting, soothing, for each of the objects imagined by the designer.

  • Type personnalisé : Keep us running for finger size
  • Type : Pièce en petite série
  • Certificat d’authenticité : Yes
  • Composition : Wool, leather pocket, leather straps
  • Taille : H30 * L40 * P15,5
  • Dimensions : 52cm (W) x 33cm (H) x 18 (D)

Piece delivered with: a certificate of authenticity

Wool felt, sheep "moors of Brittany". Pocket and leather straps. A great original bag for the market but also to carry books, or to go on weekends.

In the heart of winter 2018 is born the collection "Gavrinis", the fruit of a thunderbolt between two beings who love each other passionately. They share an ecological conscience, a desire for creation rooted in their territory. From her studio, Héloïse creates unique pieces or mini series in the purest tradition, for textile objects in wool felt of a surprising modernity. Antoine, trained by his neighbor shepherd, felt the wool from shearing sheep on the islands of the Gulf of Morbihan. Felting is done with recycled rainwater and organic soap. The felt plates pile up in their workshop, the circuit becomes very short.

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Artisan tapissier de formation, Héloïse Levieux développe une ligne d’objets textiles et petits mobiliers de décoration : coussins, chaises d’école habillées, poufs de différentes tailles... Maîtrisant parfaitement un savoir-faire technique acquis auprès de tapissiers professionnels, Héloïse a affiné son style sur de nombreuses rénovations de sièges et autres canapés. De son atelier du Morbihan, Héloïse crée des pièces uniques ou des mini-séries, entre audace et raffinement.