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Houat brooch by Stefano Poletti in Venetian Murano glass. The collection is inspired by the tiny island paradise of Houat in ...
  • Material : Venetian Murano glass, brass
  • Color : Multi
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Brooch Houat

Stefano Poletti Bijoux


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This description has been automatically translated and may not be completely accurate.

Houat brooch by Stefano Poletti in Murano Venetian glass. The collection is inspired by the tiny paradisiacal island of Houat in Brittany, with its limpid sea and teeming depths of life.

  • Type precision : decoration on base or in a garden
  • Type : Limited series
  • Certificate of authenticity : Yes
  • Grip : A nomadic flower
  • Dimension : H 10 cm x W 7 cm
  • Stone : Crystal
  • Materials primer : spring pellet for silver metal pins

Piece delivered with: a certificate of authenticity

Venetian Murano glass, brass.

Against the current of ideas, I swim ... against the current of clean design, politically correct and good-natured, tireless, I deepen my research on the fold, constantly ... It goes first by a practice of the earth, the invention of a very spontaneous gesture, a gesture born of an impulse of the body, lively gesture, fast flexible and rhythmic, a dance somehow ... It is in this face-to -face with sandstone, a veritable spiritual confrontation, that a fragile equilibrium emerges between the carnal sensuality of the earth and this incantatory presence of the fold multiplied. Thousand and one folds such a thousand and one sound vibrations sound and resound. A mesmerizing polyphony whose echo creates a sound space, a cosmic space and its dizzying immensity. We can speak of transmutation: the earth vibrates and responds under the wire. A whole cosmogony emerges: it is the deep song, the inspired ode, the powerful incantation with the water and its swirling rivers, with the air and its nudes

Double packing, plus abundant use of plastic bubble, transportation is done without risk and without problem, even for distant destinations. Delivered with metal support.


With a rich imagination and creativity, a richness and variety of styles, Stefano Poletti works with materials as diverse as burnt wood, metal wire, plexiglass, Venetian mirror, semi-precious stones, glass beads. Murano ... His pleasure is above all the matter. He likes to move from one style to another, He loves challenges. His creations, very diverse and sometimes confusing, are always full of delicacy and poetry. His creations speak of the vegetable and the mineral. The winter mists, the flowers, the aquatic world, inspire his creations. The process often starts with earrings, a ring and often ends in an object. The craftsmanship of his work gives soul and uniqueness to his creations. Nothing is fixed. The lightness and transparency obtained by the taming of matter through a spontaneous gesture, reveal the magic of creation: a treasure that tells a story, opens the door to a new dream ...