Wall decoration - Swallow diptype n°1


Two swallows take flight on a wall to bring spring all year round. Pretty diptych embroidered to arrange as you wish ...
  • Material : embroidery thread, silk falls, lurex
  • Color : shades of black, navy, brown, dark gray, silver
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Wall decoration - Swallow diptype n°1



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Two swallows take flight on a wall to bring spring all year round. Pretty diptych embroidered to arrange as you wish above a console, a desk or a shelf. This jewel of the wall is a subtle mix of embroidery threads, silk falls, some lurex and some pearls. It is made in very rich shades of black, brown, chocolate, beige, gray, navy, and silver. The back of the two swallows is fully lined with matte black leather and has a small brass ring to hang on the wall.

  • Type personnalisé : textile wall decoration
  • Type : Pièce unique
  • Certificat d’authenticité : Yes
  • Dimensions : H11cm x L10cm and H7,5cm x L7cm
  • Convient en extérieur : Yes

Piece delivered with: a certificate of authenticity

Decorative piece in diptych, embroidered with cotton thread, silk, pearls and lined with leather. A small ring on the back makes it possible to fix each element by means of a point (you can decide on the spacing and the inclination of the two swallows on the wall while pressing on the end of the wings - the piece being flexible - once your choice is made, the slight friction of the leather on the surface of the wall will make it hold).

The very nuanced rendering of this piece is related to the way of working the embroidery threads. These are knotted to form textile chains, giving birth to a more complex, denser material. This dynamic is accentuated by inserting fibers resulting from the recovery (falls of sewing works, clothes which had a first life, elements of trimmings). These knotted threads are applied in pattern on an embroidery fabric. For the sake of elegance, the final piece is lined with leather, in a tone consistent with the colors of the embroidery.

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Sous la signature Nod’s, je crée des motifs et pièces textiles uniques. La singularité de ma création s’est déployée autour du détournement du fil de broderie. Pour renouveler son utilisation et lui donner une nouvelle richesse, je le noue d’abord en chaînettes textiles. Deux fils proches en nuances vont ainsi donner une infinité de variations. Deux fils de teintes contrastées vont créer en se mêlant des tensions de couleurs. Du fil, je fais naître une matière plus complexe, j'apporte une densité visuelle et tactile. J'accentue cette dynamique en insérant des fibres issues de la récupération (chutes de travaux de couture, vêtements qui ont eu une première vie, éléments de passementerie chinés...), autant de trames, textures et coloris permettant de diversifier le rendu. Ces fils noués sont ma matière première, l’identité de Nod’s.